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Confirmed: Coup Attempt In Saudi Arabia, Western Media Buries

Riyadh -- Last night, the area surrounding the royal palace in the capitol of Saudi Arabia was riddled with gunfire, as a suspected coup...

Report: Sessions and Rosenstein A Package Deal

Reports have emerged that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will leave the White House along with his deputy, Rod Rosentein, if President Trump fires the...

D’Abrosca: $40 Billion Later, Citigroup and Bank of America Want Your Gun Rights

It's time for a new deal between the American people and America's largest banks. Over the past two weeks, Bank of America has vowed to...

Romney Comes in Second at Utah GOP State Convention, Will Face Primary

Perhaps the road will not be as easy as once thought for anointed RINO Mitt Romney in the Utah Senate Race. The former governor of...

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “I am gay.”

A tweet from early in 2017 from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is resurfacing around the web. “As a New Yorker - I am a...

Sheriff Scott Israel Faces No-Confidence Vote From His Deputies

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is facing a no-confidence vote from his union following his presiding over the Parkland school shooting, in which his...

Even CNN Praises President Trump For Stopping North Korea Missile Tests

CNN's Will Ripley from Hong Kong effusively praised the victory of President Donald Trump, who got North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to stop...

PROFILE: Shak Hill v. Beltway Barbara Comstock

In Virginia's 10th Congressional District, voters have a choice of either voting for more of the same, which they will get with their current...

SHOCK: ‘Smallville’ Star Recruited Female Slaves for Sex Cult

Today, the star of a popular television show was arrested on charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy. According to a criminal...

Hypocrite Hillary: DNC ‘Threatening Democracy’ By Filing Lawsuit Against Trump

Hillary Clinton had some strong words for President-to-be Donald J. Trump in 2016, when he accused the DNC of enabling voter fraud. "Donald Trump refused...

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Big League Politics @BigLeaguePol
Bailed out banks say screw your gun rights
h J R
Big League Politics @BigLeaguePol
Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel Faces No-Confidence Vote From His Deputies
h J R
Big League Politics @BigLeaguePol
Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails will be released to the public in September 2018
h J R
Big League Politics @BigLeaguePol
Middle Schooler Killed During Anti-Gun Walkout
h J R