The 10 Most Sexually-Charged Stories Run By Taxpayer-Funded NPR

The 2019 federal budget revealed by the White House on Monday proposes cutting all funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which funds both NPR and PBS.

In response, CPB President and CEO Patricia Harrison decried the President’s proposed budget, stating that eliminating funds to CPB would “destroy [the] public media‚Äôs ability to provide early childhood content, life-saving emergency alerts, and public affairs programs.”

The bold decree of importance in early childhood content brings into question the content that NPR has aired on the radio, perhaps when young children were listening. Here are ten of the most sexually-charged stories NPR has run, many of which were aired on their affiliate radio stations for any of the children they claim to care about to hear.

Keep in mind, all of these stories were funded with taxpayer dollars.

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