10 Wounded After Shooting Outside Nightclub in Pennsylvania

According to reports from early Thursday morning, 10 people were hurt after a drive by shooting outside a nightclub in Allentown, Pennsylvania overnight.

“The shooting outside the Deja Vu nightclub in Allentown occurred shortly before 2 a.m. Thursday,” according to The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “Authorities say most of the victims had just left the nightclub or were standing on the sidewalk outside when the shots rang out.”

The crowd reportedly panicked and began to flee in several different directions.

All of the victims are expected to survive, the report said. Police are searching for the perpetrators.

One resident who lives close to the nightclub told NBC10 she woke up to the sound of gunshots and hear a car speed away after the shots stopped. According to that report, there have been prior shootings in the same area.

The identities of the wounded have not yet been identified.

This story is developing.

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