10 Year Olds Used as Gun Control Props in NYC

On Monday, Anthony L. Fischer, a journalist from New York City, posted a clipping of a letter sent home from his child’s fifth grade class, informing parents of the school’s participation in an anti-gun violence march.

“We would like to inform you of our plans for Wednesday’s National School Walkout to promote the passage of legislation in response to gun violence in our country,” the letter says. “Students and families have the option to opt out if they do not wish to join.”

Anthony L. Fischer (Twitter)

In case anyone was still wondering whether America’s public schools, funded by taxpayers, were dominated by avowed leftists, this should clear up any doubt.

Fifth graders are around 10 years old, but this school has no problem using these children as political props. Meanwhile, American students are falling behind the rest of the developed world.

Fischer posted his reaction in further Tweets:


“There is something creepy about a public school framing one political position as the ‘correct’ one,” he said.


“If a public school sent home a letter saying its staffers were walking out on their jobs to protest against gun control legislation, while none too subtly pressuring grade school students to join them, that would be creepy, too,” he said, framing the argument from the opposite perspective.

Big League PoliticsĀ reached out to Fischer, but he did not wish to make further comment.

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