100 Police Departments Pulling out of Democratic Convention Duties After Milwaukee Bans Tear Gas

More than 100 police departments and law enforcement agencies slated to provide security for the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee have backed out after the city banned the use of tear gas by law enforcement for purposes of riot control.

Fox News reported that the outside agencies backed out of security duties after the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission directed Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales to cease the use of both tear gas and pepper spray for law enforcement duties.

Restricting police from using tear gas is a new tactic of left-wing city governments, most recently forcing the Seattle Police Department to tell small business owners they were on their own during weekend riots after the city took away all measures of crowd control from the agency.

Chief Morales didn’t specify which outside law enforcement agencies have backed out from convention duties. The plan to bring in outside police had previously precluded a presence of more than a 1,000 police officers, as well as the Wisconsin National Guard. It’s totally unclear what kind of security the Democratic Convention will use, and the event may be targeted by left-wing anarchists and rioters who disapprove of Joe Biden’s nomination.

In any event, the Democratic Convention is slated to commence with a largely digital format to comply with social distancing amidst the coronavirus epidemic. Biden himself may be the only figure to speak in person from the convention hall, with other speakers appearing remotely.

We’ll see if street rioters take advantage of what will likely be a lax law enforcement presence.

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