1,000 Pro-Lifers Rally in Virginia Against Gov. Northam’s Infanticide Comments

After Governor Northam’s disgusting comments condoning infanticide, the pro-life population in Virginia took a stand against it.

“Virginia lawmakers gathered with pro-life voters, students and other concerned residents to oppose radical pro-abortion legislation being pushed in states all across the country. The Right to Life rally took place outside the Virginia State Capitol,” according to Life News.

The rally comes in response to not only Gov. Northam’s approval of infanticide, but also Kathy Tran’s proposed bill to allow abortion up through labor. These are some of the most radical abortion bills to be proposed, and those who value life in the womb have had enough. The rally consisted of about 1,000 pro-lifers, as reported by Virginia Society for Human Life.

Father Frank Pavone showed his support for the rally against infanticide in Virginia:

What Fredricksburg.com deemed an “anti-abortion rally”, indicated that State Sen. Amanda Chase, R-Chesterfield, and Sen. Bill Stanley, R-Franklin attended the rally to show their support for the pre-born.

In the wake of the World Trade Center being lit pink to “celebrate” the passing of the 40-week abortion bill, the pro-life community took a stand against their leadership. President of The Family Foundation of Virginia, Victoria Cobb said, “Richmond will never be lit up in pink.”

Who would have ever thought that the trending hashtag #ResistInfanticide would have to exist.

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