11-1 Jury Spurs Mistrial For Alleged Illegal Alien Serial Killer

Billy Chemirmir, an illegal alien from Kenya facing multiple murder charges.

A mistrial was declared in the murder trial of 48-year-old illegal alien Billy Chemirmir, accused of murdering 24 elderly Americans throughout Collin County and Dallas County, Texas. The reason for the declaration was that the jury remained “hopelessly deadlocked” 11-to-1, Breitbart reported.

Chemirmir reportedly is an illegal alien from Kenya who later on was able to receive a Green card. The migrant has been accused of going on a murderous rampage, with Dallas County, Texas prosecutors seeking a life sentence early on in the case.

Breitbart reported who the 24 victims of Chemirmir were, highlighting the elderly age of the individuals who tragically passed:

  • 83-year-old Leah Corken
  • 82-year-old Juanita Purdy
  • 88-year-old Mary Brooks
  • 84-year-old Minnie Campbell
  • 82-year-old Ann Conklin
  • 75-year-old Rosemary Curtis
  • 85-year-old Norma French
  • 92-year-old Doris Gleason
  • 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris
  • 81-year-old Carolyn MacPhee
  • 81-year-old Miriam Nelson
  • 91-year-old Phyllis Payne
  • 94-year-old Phoebe Perry
  • 80-year-old Martha Williams
  • 82-year-old Joyce Abramowitz
  • 87-year-old Glenna Day
  • 89-year-old Solomon Spring
  • 90-year-old Doris Wasserman
  • 86-year-old Margaret White
  • 79-year-old Diana Delahunty
  • 93-year-old Mamie Dell Miya
  • 86-year-old Catherine Probst Sinclair
  • 90-year-old Marilyn Bixler
  • An 81-year-old “Jane Doe”

The jury had sent a note to the court during Chemirmir’s trial stating they were “hopelessly deadlocked.” The judge presiding over the case then moved to declare a mistrial as a result of the 11-to-1 hung jury.

“She didn’t even go back to [look at the evidence]. She had her mind made up before she walked in,” a family member of one of the victims told local media.

Families of the victims were largely unhappy that the trial could not come to a conclusion.

“We are sickened that we have to come back and hear the same evidence again, the same correct and just evidence … that Billy Chemirmir has killed so many people. We’re sick that we have to come back and hear this again,” the daughter of Phyllis Payne said.

Many of the Angel Families were also not allowed to enter the courtroom during the trial due to continued Covid-19 restrictions, spurring further frustration.

“I think it was very unfair and unfavorable to us that we were not in the courthouse today,” one of the family members said.

“Having a chance to look at Billy Chemirmir … and having the jury to look at the victims’ children here that are … what they felt like and they’re feeling,” he continued. “It was the wrong thing to do. If we had that, we’d have had a much better chance and would have won this hands down.”

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