11 Iranian Nationals Arrested After Infiltrating US-Mexico Border

Eleven Iranian nationals were arrested infiltrating the US-Mexico border earlier this week. The group was apprehended near San Luis, Arizona.

The group was unusual for its size, with five women and six men. Nationals of hostile countries seeking to infiltrate the border have usually traveled as individuals or small groups. The group was arrested almost immediately after crossing the border.

The federal government does perform deportations to Iran, usually deporting nationals with the cooperation of European countries that have formal diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. However, President Biden has moved to put a halt to all deportations from the United States, and it’s likely that individuals from nations such as Iran will face an easy path to permanent residency in the immigration court system.

Illegal immigration from nations with national security implications was a regular phenomenon throughout Barack Obama’s presidency. Citizens of Syria, Iran and Russia were regularly arrested at the border attempting to enter the United States through Mexico. Such apprehensions were far less common during Donald Trump’s presidency, with toughened US border policy deterring potential illegal immigrants from nations all over the world from contracting the services of drug and human smugglers with little chance of securing residency in the country.

Biden’s ‘America Last’ policy as it pertains to border security and immigration may soon face real skepticism and scrutiny, with corporate media largely refusing to cover his immigration policy and conservative media fixated on distractions.

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