Hungarians Largely Oppose Sending Troops and Arms to Ukraine

In a recent post for Daily News Hungary, Hungarians appear to be largely opposed to the Hungarian government potentially joining the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

77% of Hungarians oppose the Hungarian government sending troops and arms to Ukraine, per a Századvég Foundation survey. Századvég alluded to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s recent statement about Hungary not participating in the military conflict. The poll added that “Péter Márki-Zay, the left-liberal prime ministerial candidate, did not rule out the option of Hungary sending a military mission to Ukraine.” 

Per the surveys, 83% of respondents were worried about the possibility of a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine breaking out. 16% held contrarian views. 

95% indicated that every possible effort be made to keep Russia and Ukraine from escalating tensions. By contrast, 4% said Russia should be punished with every possible means at their disposal, which includes military force.

Századvég revealed that 77% of respondents disagreed with the proposal that Márki-Zay put forward. By contrast, 19% agreed with it. 

Századvég showed that 86% of pro-government respondents and 57% of those backing the opposition were against the deployment of Hungarian soldiers and arms to Ukraine. 

According to a report by Máté Kocsis, a leader within the Fidesz party, has urged opposition politicians to not make “irresponsible remarks” or “voice dangerous ideas”, and to “avoid spreading fake news.” 

In a Facebook post that Kocsis made on February 24, 2022, he urged for “prudence and sober-mindedness” in the interest of maintaining the security for all Hungarians. “Left-wing politicians should keep that at the forefront of their minds,” he stated. “We all stand by Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, but the security of our compatriots is more important than anything else,” Kocsis declared. “Hungary has no interest whatever in interfering in an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, therefore left-wing politicians should not ask for Hungarian troops and arms to be sent to Ukraine,” the Fidesz leader stated. “This is irresponsible and would get Hungary involved in the war — though we won’t allow that to happen,” Kocsis concluded. 

Overall, Hungarians, just like their leader in Viktor Orban, hold realist views on foreign policy. They understand that indiscriminately fighting battles for the sake of globalist interests in Brussels and Washington, D.C. is not in their best interest. This should be another firm reminder to Central and Eastern European populists about the need to build an independent security architecture free of Brussels’, Washington’, and Moscow’s grasp.  

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