121,000 Migrants are Apprehended in 15 Days At the Southwest Border

Border Patrol agents tasked with patrolling the southwest US border with Mexico apprehended roughly 121,000 migrants during the first 15 days of December, per unofficial Border Patrol reports that Breitbart Texas was able to obtain. An additional 11,000 migrants were listed as “got-aways.”

Unofficial Border Patrol apprehension reports demonstrated that agents encountered roughly 121,000 migrants along the southwest border during the first 15 days of December. This brings the Fiscal Year 24 total of migrant encounters to roughly 504,000 migrants.

On top of the 121,000 migrant apprehensions, agents reported that an additional 11,000 migrants were classified as got-aways. This number is a rough estimate of the number of migrants who were observed or found to be crossing the border but who ended up not being apprehended. 

Since October 1, when FY24 kicked off, agents have recorded roughly 70,000 migrant got-aways. 

The Tucson Sector has recently been flooded with migrant crossings. Agents in the Arizona border sector apprehended close to 40,000 migrants during the first 15 days of the month, per unofficial reports. This brought the FY24 total to slightly under 160,000 migrant apprehensions.

A veritable invasion is taking place at the southern border. It’s not so much that the media refuses to cover these events, it’s that it’s doing its part to help facilitate the Great Replacement agenda.

The whole goal here is to elect new people so that Democrats can secure a permanent electoral majority. 

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