British Military Goes Public About Covert Operations in Ukraine

According to Lieutenant General Robert Magowan, the British Royal Marines have executed high-risk special operations in Ukraine. He claims that United Kingdom commandos have been deployed to Ukraine on multiple occasions in 2022. Magowan was previously commandant general of the Royal Marines. Will Porter of the Libertarian Institute noted that Magowan currently serves as a senior official under the Chief of the Defense Staff. 

In the Royal Navy’s official magazine, the Globe and Laurel, Lieutenant General Robert Magowan asserted that roughly 350 Marines have been deployed to Ukraine for two missions since January. One of these missions consisted of elite British units helping relocate British diplomatic staff to Poland right before Russia’s invasion. 

The second covert operation took place in April, following Russia’s withdrawal from the region surrounding the Ukrainian capital, per Magowan. 

“In April, they returned into the country to re-establish the diplomatic mission, providing protection to critical personnel,” Magowan added. “During both phases, the commandos supported other discreet operations in a hugely sensitive environment and with a high level of political and military risk.”

Indeed Magowan did not expand on what the “other” missions consisted of, he is still the first British official to reveal the British’s execution of special operations missions in Ukraine ever since Russia launched its military incursions in Ukraine on February 24.

The UK Defense Ministry previously announced that soldiers were deployed to defend embassy staff, but has never mentioned missions of the kind that Magowan referred to, especially covert ops.

When questioned about Magowan’s assertions, a Royal Navy spokesman claimed that Marines were “deployed to Ukraine to support the UK’s diplomatic presence,” but stressed that “they served no combat function.”

45 Commando, the Marine unit that was deployed for both operations. The Marine unit sent for both deployments, known as 45 Commando, is now allegedly focusing “Arctic warfare,” per the Times. This unit has participated in the Falklands War, in addition to the United States’ invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Members of 45 Commando were stationed in Norway to conduct winter exercises. From there, they were called to help with evacuation efforts from Ukraine to Poland earlier in 2022. Poland is one of the springboards for NATO activity and a conduit for NATO aid to Ukraine. It’s also a sizable source for foreign volunteers seeking to participate in the Russo-Ukrainian war. 

British military advisers and trainers were pulled out of Ukraine to avoid potential firefights with Russian troops once Russia launched its special military operation. That said, special operators have continued training programs since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine kicked off

According to Ukrainian officers, British soldiers returned to the Kiev metropolitan area back in April to teach recruits how to use British weapons, which includes the NLAW anti-tank weapon.

It remains unclear how much direct involvement the UK and the US have in Ukraine. Undoubtedly, they’re waging a proxy war against Russia through their increased military aid and supply of intelligence. 

At some point, the Russians will snap and treat this heightened proxy aid as a form of intolerable escalation that requires a firm military response. 

Ultimately, the Anglo-American establishment is playing with fire here. There’s a major divide-and-rule fetish among elites in the Anglosphere to keep Europe completely separated from Russia. While European countries can transact with Russia or withdraw from Russian diplomatic relations as they see fit, the UK and US would be wise to not inflame tensions from abroad. 

The Russo-Ukrainian conflict is not their fight and any interference on their part will only lead to further bloodshed and greater economic shocks on the world stage.

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