Los Angeles Times Writer Blames White People for Air Pollution

On March 9, Los Angeles Times writer Sammy Roth penned a piece titled “How white and affluent drivers are polluting the air breathed by L.A.’s people of color.” Essentially, he blamed white drivers for the area’s pollution problems which allegedly affect non-whites in a disproportionate manner. 

Roth alluded to a study by Professor Geoff Boeing of the University of Southern California that argued the following: 

Decades of racially-motivated freeway infrastructure planning and residential segregation shape today’s disparities in who produces vehicular air pollution and who is exposed to it, but opportunities exist for urban planning and transport policy to mitigate this injustice.

[L.A. residents] who drive more tend to be exposed to less air pollution — and Angelenos who drive less tend to be exposed to more pollution.

It’s a function of the racism that shaped this city and its suburbs, and continues to influence our daily lives — and a stark reminder of the need for climate solutions that benefit everyone.”

Apparently, Boeing told Roth that “[I]t largely comes down to the shameful history of Los Angeles County’s low-income communities of color being torn apart to make way for freeways — a history that has been extensively documented by The Times.”

Roth also highlighted Boeing’s observation about how highways cut through non-white neighborhoods:  Today, many residents of the county’s whiter, more affluent neighborhoods — who were often able to keep highways out of their own backyards — commute to work through lower-income Black and Latino neighborhoods bisected by the 10, 110 and 105 freeways and more.

To correct the so-called inequities, Boeing believes that reforms such as prohibiting gasoline vehicles and building cheaper housing in more affluent neighborhoods will solve these perceived problems. 

This is just another case of the Left showing its anti-white tendencies. While there are many valid concerns about American infrastructure, the Left is using this debate as a way to shoehorn in an anti-white agenda. These people don’t like the idea of watching white people succeed. As a result, they feel that it’s necessary to push for measures that dispossess whites while growing the size of the managerial state. That’s how things roll in the multicultural political order we live in. 

Hopefully, rational minds can prevail here and set things straight. If we can’t keep the anti-white Left in check, the very Historic American Nation we’ve come to admire will disappear into the historical ether.

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