Joe Biden Pushed for More Gun Control in the Wake of Juneteenth Mass Shootings

President Joe Biden and other elected officials are pushing for Congress to take legislation after Juneteenth celebrations this year were sullied m by mass shootings nationwide. These shootings left at least six people dead and at least 22 others injured.

Following the news of a suburban Chicago shooting, Brady, a notable civilian disarmament organization working to destroy the Second Amendment, described it on Twitter as “a horrific reminder that Black Americans are not truly free if living in fear of being shot.”

In a statement the civilian disarmament organization published, Kris Brown, Brady’s president, declared, “Americans are fed up of waking up every morning to news of yet another mass shooting. While details of this shooting are still scarce, it is the latest in a growing trend of regular mass shootings in this country.

“In just the past few months, we’ve experienced mass shootings at a doctor’s office, a mall, a basketball game, outside a high school graduation and now at a Juneteenth celebration.”  

Per the Gun Violence Archive, 19 mass shootings took place over the weekend of Juneteenth. 

In a statement that he posted on Twitter, Biden urged Congress to pass legislation in response to the Juneteenth shootings. 

“Congress needs to act on gun safety,” he stated. “And let me be very clear about something. If this Congress refuses to act, then we need a new Congress.”

Naturally, gun controllers will call for increased gun control after a series of mass shootings. Such calls are nothing more than advocacy for futile measures that don’t address the US’s crime problems which are ultimately demographic and policy in nature.

Namely, multiracial cities with lax on crime policies will be marked by high crime and social dysfunction. That’s an undeniable fact in the clown world state we live in.

The solution to this problem consists of relaxing gun control laws and getting tough on crime. Sadly, such simple solutions never register with the US’s corrupt political class much to the detriment of countless lawful citizens. 

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