150,000 Sign Petition to Save Girls’ Sports from Trans Athletes

More than 150,000 people have signed a LifeSiteNews petition in support of a female high school track runner fighting against the inclusion of biological male transgender athletes in women’s sports.

The petition was created in support of Selina Soule, a Junior track runner at Bloomfield High School in Connecticut. She recently filed a lawsuit with the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights over her state’s decision to allow biologically male athletes to compete against female track runners.

Soule narrowly missed a chance to compete in the state championship, in part because of two biological male trans athletes who took first and second place. Soule came in an eighth-place finish for an event in which the top six competitors qualified for the championship.

She’s described an environment in which track competitions in her state are rendered non-competitive, dominated by transgender athletes who leave no chance for athletes such as Soule to win. She previously spoke on Tucker Carlson Tonight in June about the predicament facing female high athletes in Connecticut.

The newfound inclusion of trans athletes in formerly women’s sporting events has dire implications for the entire athletic field. Track and field isn’t the only sport in which the competitive parameters have been drastically altered by biological males with inherent physical advantages unseen in biological female competitors.

A trans athlete smashed all-time records at a women’s cycling event in England in October.

Female athletes such as Soule who have spoken out against the unfair competition of trans athletes in their sports have faced criticisms and accusations of bigotry from those who refuse to accept any notion of inherent physical differences between men and women.

Liberalism has created a world in which the most obvious, non-controversial biological realities visible to mankind are rendered politically incorrect and to be ignored, even if it means devastating the very notion of women’s sports.

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