16 Times: House Democrats Block a Vote on Infanticide

We’re up to 16 total times now.

Being proposed on Friday in the House – for the 14th time – Representative Carol Miller requested “unanimous consent that the Committee on Judiciary be discharged from further consideration of H.R. 962, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, and ask for its immediate consideration in the House.”

The request was blocked by chair Rep. Diana DeGette stating, “the chair is constrained not to entertain this request unless it has been cleared by the bipartisan floor and committee leadership.”

Surprisingly, Rep. Miller was (somewhat) given a chance to respond to the denial before being cutoff. “If this unanimous consent request cannot be entertained, I urge the speaker and the majority leader to immediately schedule…,” Rep. Miller said before being ruled out of order by Rep. DeGette.

It’s interesting that the Democratic-held House of Representatives is the chamber that has proposed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivor Protection Act far more times than the Republican-held Senate has. The Senate has proposed the bill a mere two times compared to the House that has proposed it 14 times.

Why is that? Shouldn’t the so-called “pro-life” Republican-held chamber be the ones pushing these types of bills? One would think. It’s much easier for establishment Republicans to place the blame at the feet of Congressional Democrats instead of taking the blame for not putting their pro-life campaign platform into action.

There is plenty of outrage towards Congressional Dem’s for blocking a vote on this bill that would give medical attention to infants after being born – which is rightfully deserved – but there should be more outrage against Republicans for not being pro-life in action. Establishment Republicans are campaigning on being pro-life to get them elected yet once they earn their seat, all promises of pro-life action goes out the window.

It’s time to hold Republicans accountable and stop placing all the blame at the feet of the Democrats.

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