17-Year Old Canadian Girl Fired From Hospital Job After Making ‘OK’ Gesture In Instagram Picture

A 17-year old girl has come forward with an account of being fired from a hospital in the Canadian province of Ontario for making the ‘OK’ hand symbol in an Instagram photo.

17-year old Megan Breeze has explained she’s never seen the OK symbol as “racist,” a reaching conflation that the mainstream media began to prescribe to the hand symbol starting in 2017. Administrators at Juravinksi Hospital in Hamilton summoned the high schooler into a meeting where it was allegedly explained that she was being suspended for an Instagram picture posted by a teacher. In the picture, Breeze is making the OK symbol with her hand pressed against her leg. Breeze was employed in a co-op program affording students the opportunity to get experience in the field of medicine.

The Anti-Defamation League and far-left billionaire front groups began associating the OK symbol with racism during the Presidency of Donald Trump. Some internet denizens associated with fringe content began to actually use the hand symbol accordingly, raising serious questions about who started what. In any event, the hand symbol has been used for decades as a symbol expressing nothing more than the phrase “okay.”

It wasn’t meant to be racist and it wouldn’t happen again,says Breeze, a Grade 12 student at Sherwood Secondary. “I thought it means ‘OK.’ Like a thumbs-up sign.

The teacher who posted the photo has apparently the subject of a witch hunt, as well, with her school district in Hamilton releasing a statement slamming her for uploading the photo.

The entire world now appears submerged in paranoia and hysteria, with the public of Canada as well as that of the democratic world living in an age of cultural insanity.

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