18-Year-Old in Arizona Pledged Loyalty to ISIS Before Attacking Police Officers

An 18-year-old Arizona man is in custody for terrorism after making several calls to 911 pledging allegiance to ISIS before showing up at the sheriff’s station, threatening authorities with a knife.

“Ismail Hamed, 18, of Fountain Hills, brandished a knife during an incident with a Maricopa County sheriff’s sergeant Jan. 7 before he was shot, authorities said,” according to Fox News. “He’s since been treated and released from the hospital.”

According to the report, Hamed told authorities he was affiliated with ISIS before showing up at the precinct. Tuesday, terrorism charges were filed on top of an existing charge of aggravated assault from throwing rocks at an officer during the incident.

“The complaint filed Tuesday alleges Ismail Hamed ‘intentionally or knowingly, did provide advice, assistance, direction or management’ to the terrorist organization, which is listed under several formal names under which the organization is known, including the Islamic State of Iraq al-Sham,” said AZ Central.

Friday, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s held a press conference about the event.

“During the course of this investigation, our investigators, in partnership with our partners at the FBI and the task force that investigates these types of crimes, were able to determine that this individual have, for some time frame, been in the process of what we would describe as radicalizing,” said Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone. “Additionally, evidence indicates, in his statements, that his intent that day was to further the actions of his ideology, and it is our belief that his intent was to harm that deputy, in an effort to promote terror.”

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