2 Ohio Police Officers Injured in Ambush-Style Shooting

A pair of uniformed police officers in Ohio were injured this weekend after a vehicle pulled up alongside their vehicle and someone inside fired several rounds at them before speeding off.

The incident took place in Loraine, a city of 63,000 people not far from Cleveland, during the early hours of Sunday morning, after the two officers had finished a support patrol shift, the local news station FOX 8 reports.

Officers Michael Mizen and William Mott, both aged 20, had been driving home in an unmarked vehicle when they pulled over to allow a vehicle that had been aggressively tail-gating them pass. Instead of driving past them, however, the vehicle pulled alongside the officers, and someone inside open fired, striking both officers.

The driver, Officer Mizen, was struck by bullet fragments and suffered injuries to his finger, while Officer Mott was hit in the head. After being treated for non-life-threatening injuries, both officers were released from Mercy Hospital the same day, according to a Sunday morning press release issued by Lorain Police Department.

Presently, the gunman, who was driving a vehicle described as newer and dark-colored, is still on the loose.

Ambush-style attacks on law enforcement officers exactly like this one have risen dramatically in the U.S. over the past year.

In July, the National Fraternal Order of Police said that these kinds of attacks are up 91 percent in 2021, compared to the previous year. The group’s said that 51 police officers were shot, 13 of whom died, in 40 ambush-style attacks as of June 30th of this year. Throughout the entirety of 2020, 48 ambush-style attacks left 60 officers injured, with 12 dying.

Many have blamed the disturbing trend on the mainstream press, which over the past few years has done its best to smear police officers as racists and violent, right-wing extremists who’re out for blood.

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