20 MLB Teams Are Raising Money To Provide ‘Medical Sex Changes’ For Minors

20 MLB franchises are raising money for groups that conduct “sex change” surgeries on children. 

Nate Hochamn broke this story over at the National Review. Documenting the various woke events MLB teams have pushed in support of the trans movement.

“In May, I reported that the Detroit Tigers’ Pride Night, which took place during a June 1 game against the Minnesota Twins, was funneling money to groups that were actively promoting transgender identification — even medical transitions — for children,” Hochamn wrote.

Two of the groups that patrons could choose to support included “LGBT-focused clinics” the Ruth Ellis Center and Corktown Health. Which are both organizations that “perform medical gender transitions on minors.”

“But the Tigers Pride Night was only the tip of the iceberg,” Hochamn would add. “The MLB has a Pride Resource Guide that promotes numerous ‘social justice groups’ that advocate youth gender transitions.”

The guide also encourages the normalization of various woke topics like gender identity, gender expression, preferred pronouns, and black LGBTQ+ pioneers.

It also gives four ways to support the movement; listen, donate, educate yourself and others, and support black and LGBTQ+ businesses.

As the National Review would report, 29 MLB teams – all but one, the Rangers – hosted “pride nights” this year. 

And 20 of those franchises used the event to raise funds for groups pushing “youth sex-change surgeries,” “gender-affirming” curricula for elementary-school children, and “trans-inclusive” K – 12 sports.

“Five other team Pride Nights promoted or funded groups that provide resources for, and often actively encourage, youth sex changes,” Hochamn added. 

“Four promoted or funded groups that write referrals for or partner with clinics that perform medical gender transitions — either via hormone-altering drugs, sex-change surgeries, or both — on minors,” he highlighted.

“And finally, five teams have promoted or funded clinics that do drug-induced or surgical youth gender transitions themselves.”

The following franchises give directly to groups that perform gender surgery on minors: the Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, Tampa Bay Rays, and Cleveland Guardians.

It’s absurd how deep wokeness has infected one of America’s greatest pastimes.

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