2020: Taylor Swift’s Political Coming Out Party

The Reputation singer has decided to go head first into the 2020 election year.

One who usually keeps quiet about political issues, until her 2018 Instagram post endorsing Phil Bredesen and Jim Cooper for the primaries, Taylor Swift was featured in Elle Magazine writing “30 Things I learned Before Turning 30”.


While the majority of the 30 points were little ‘pearls of wisdom’ the singer learned about life, a few of them gave insight that T. Swift is going political for the 2020 election as pointed out by the Daily Caller’s Emily Larsen.

A #MeToo champion, Swift fought her own sexual assault case a few years back.  “In 2013, the singer-songwriter took a photo with a Colorado radio DJ after an interview. During that photo, Swift says, DJ David Mueller reached under her skirt and grabbed her rear end.

Swift privately reported the incident to the station at which Mueller worked, and he was fired. Mueller then sued Swift for defamation; she countersued for a symbolic $1—and won,” according to Time magazine.

Number 13 on her list deals with “believing women” – regardless of evidence, so it would seem.

But perhaps the most outspoken point is number 28 on the list where she makes small stabs at our “leaders” for being racist. Swift is very concerned with the “most vulnerable citizens”, but does not define who those are. Stating that she’s going to do “do more to help”, the Shake It Off singer is planning on getting involved in the 2020 election. Although, she hasn’t openly supported any of the 14 Democratic Presidential candidates. Has she not learned from her 2018 Insta post that she’s better off trying to maintain her fan base on stage rather than ruining her career by getting involved with politics?

Another weird point in her essay is the fact that she’s really afraid of mass murder – kind of like everyone else in the world. T. Swizzle keeps QuikClot in her purse wherever she travels in case she gets shot or stabbed, despite being surrounded by body guards at all times.

Thank you, Taylor Swift, for the dear diary moment. I’m sure the Democratic Presidential candidates will appreciate you fan-girling over them to your 114 million Insta followers. Beware, the political world is a tough one – much tougher than dealing with breakups are you …ready for it?

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