21st Century Book Burning: Amazon Bans Tommy Robinson’s Book

According to a Tuesday report, Amazon has banned free speech activist Tommy Robinson’s book Mohammed’s Koran, which is critical of radical Islam.

“It’s the British government and the BBC, rather than CAIR, that are likely behind this, but Amazon has just dropped the book Mohammed’s Koran by the renowned British activist Tommy Robinson and Peter McLoughlin — and apparently only because its censors dislike Robinson,” according to PJ Media

Robinson has been the subject of political persecution for speaking out against radical Islam. He was jailed by British authorities for reporting on the criminal trial of an Islamic grooming gang. Last week, he released a documentary in which he brilliantly exposed the BBC, Britain’s premier news agency, for attempting to smear him in a biographical program.

“[T]his is the twenty-first century equivalent of the Nazis taking out the books from university libraries and burning them. Can you think of another scholarly book on Islam that has been banned by Amazon? Mein Kampf is for sale on Amazon. As are books like the terrorist manual called The Anarchist Cookbook,” co-author McLoughlin told PJ Media. 

The ban represents a previously unreached level of censorship from Silicon Valley tech giants.

“[They] refuse to reinstate the book and refuse to explain why it has been banned. So they have banned the No.1 best-selling exegesis of the Koran. I can’t get my head round it. Every few weeks for the past 18 months they had emailed me asking to put it into special sales programmes, as it was selling so well. For 18 months they sought to profit even more from the sales,” McLoughlin continued.

He predicted that in 10 to 20 years, any dissenting books will be banned from Amazon.

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