233,000 Illegal Aliens Crossed the United States Border in November

Last week, the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) published November’s number of migrant encounters along the southern border, which revealed that November of 2022 witnessed a record high number of illegal alien encounters. 

On December 23, 2022, CBP revealed that there were a total of 233,740 migrant encounters at the border in November. Olivia Rondeau of The Post Millennial observed that out of the migrants encountered, 16% had at least one prior encounter within 2021. 67%, 157,202, of the migrants encountered by CBP were single adults.

In November 2021, CBP apprehended only 174,845 migrants, according to Fox News border reporter Bill Melugin.

“A reminder, these numbers do not include known gotaways,” Melugin continued. “CBP sources tell us there were at least 73,000 known gotaways in the month of November alone. These are people who are detected or seen, but there is no manpower to get to them for capturer.”

The mass migration Zerg Rush the US is currently experiencing is not going away any time soon. The uncertain status of Title 42 — a Trump-era regulation that empowers immigration officials to expel migrants because of health concerns — is largely driving this migration chaos. Title 42 was expected to expire on December 21, but the Supreme Court issued a ruling that has effectively extended the order. 

Nevertheless, mass migration will continue as long as the US maintains a lavish welfare magnet, a jobs magnet, and a lax immigration enforcement structure that does not punish illegal alien invaders for violating America’s national sovereignty. 

No questions asked, mass migration must be restricted. If no political leaders step up to the plate and clamp down on the present and near future deluge of mass migration, America will cease to exist as a sovereign nation. 


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