24-Year Old Insurgent Wins North Carolina GOP Primary Against Never Trumper

A 24-year old insurgent candidate for the Republican nomination to replace Mark Meadows in office scored an upset victory over an establishment-backed party favorite who had secured an endorsement from the President.

Madison Cawthorn is a small businessman and inspirational speaker. The young man was paralyzed six years ago in a car accident, and has cited his experience with his disability as a guiding light inspiring him to work on behalf of forgotten Americans in Congress.

The strongly conservative house district, which was vacated by longtime Representative Mark Meadows when he resigned to serve as President Trump’s White House Chief of Staff, will almost certainly elect Cawthorn, making the millennial the youngest member of congress, taking the title from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Cawthorn will reach the legal requirement of 25 years of age to serve in Congress in August.

Cawthorn scored an upset primary victory against Lynda Bennett on Tuesday’s primary election. The insurgent candidate secured two-thirds of the primary vote, coasting to a strong victory.

Previous remarks on the part of Bennett where the candidate proudly identified as a “Never Trumper” proved to be a source of controversy in the primary election, raising questions as to why President Trump endorsed a candidate who had spoken forcefully in opposition to his election as President.

Cawthorn is an eighth-generation native of western North Carolina.

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