25 Million People Were Trafficked Over the Past Year Worldwide

A newly published State Department showed some frightening figures on the degree of human trafficking that is taking place inside the United States and the rest of the world. During a speech before reporters on July 19, 2022, Secretary of State Antony Blinken revealed that over 25 million people fell victim to human trafficking across the globe. 

The 2022 report featured an alarming amount of human trafficking stories from over 188 countries, which includes the US. 

“The scale of this problem is vast,” Blinken stated. “There are nearly 25 million people currently victims of trafficking. The United States is committed to fighting it because trafficking destabilizes societies, it undermines economies, it harms workers, it enriches those who exploit them, it undercuts legitimate business and most fundamentally because it is so profoundly wrong.”

On top of that, 18 countries, which includes Russia and Vietnam, were put on a blacklist for their alleged lack of or complete absence of policies to fight human trafficking. One America News Network observed that the “report also noted that more than 21 countries have increased their efforts to address the global issue.”

“Twenty-one countries were upgraded a tier because those governments made significant increasing efforts to combat trafficking at home as well as for their citizens abroad,” he stated. “Eighteen countries were downgraded a tier indicating that they either didn’t make significant increasing efforts to combat trafficking or worse, that their governments have a state-sponsored policy or pattern of trafficking,” the report stated.

According to some speculations, officials are expected to impose sanctions on countries which were blacklisted in the 2022 report. 

One of the cold, hard truths many Western elites won’t come to grips with is the fact that the Collective West’s lax migratory and border security policies is every human trafficker’s wet dream. Porous borders allow these nefarious attacks to move across borders with ease to facilitate their dirty deeds.

If these countries are truly serious about combatting human trafficking, they would begin by bolstering their border security. It’s a pragmatic way to address this problem. But for the post-national elites who rule over us, this may be asking for too much.  

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