25 Percent of Women Born in the 1990s are Expected to Die Childless, as Feminism Destroys the West

It is being estimated by experts that 25 percent born in the 1990s will be barren and childless, despite the fact that less than five percent of those women do not want to have kids.

Lyman Stone and W. Bradford Cox of the American Enterprise Institute wrote an op/ed in Newsweek laying out the troubling reality of the situation that has been brought about by women’s liberation.

“Our birthrate has never been so low in America. What this means, practically, is that American families have foregone over seven million babies between 2008 (when birthrates were last at replacement rate) and 2020 and, if birthrates remain at 2020 levels for the next decade, will forego nine million more by 2030,” Stone and Cox wrote.

They cite data from the Institute for Family Studies surmising that “declines in first births have been very large and extend all the way up to women in their mid-thirties. Meanwhile, there have not been appreciable increases in first birth rates among women in their late thirties and into their forties. Lost first births at younger years are not being made up in later years. The argument that childless women are going to “catch up” and that the share of women who are childless will not rise in the future is almost certainly wrong.”

Stone and Cox made the point that this news is terrible not just for the economy but also for the fabric of Western society. The West is on the road to mass civilizational suicide because of the birthrate collapse.

“Most of the decline in birthrates has been among younger and unmarried women, while married birthrates have been stable. Meanwhile, marriage rates have fallen sharply, especially for less-educated Americans and minorities. As a result, “family life,” conceived as two committed parents residing with their children, is increasingly an upper-middle-class luxury good,” they explained.

“It is common among Americans in the top half of the economic distribution. But among the poor and working class, we are pairing off less and less, and welcoming new life into our homes less and less,” Stone and Cox added.

Big League Politics has reported on how the mind virus of feminism has infected the West and is causing an incredible amount of despair throughout society:

A 27-year-old former feminist is blowing the whistle about women’s liberation and urging young women not to make the same mistake she has made.

The Australian career woman, who goes by the name of Georgia, believes she was sold a lie and deprived of years of happiness because she believed the lies of feminism. As her biological clock has ticked downward, she has realized the failure of the ideology.

“Working women are more often jealous of and less happy than stay-at-home moms, but we told you it was the other way around. I am sorry we lied to you,” the woman said in her video addressed to young women.

Although she is not opposed to women in the workplace, Georgia warns young women that being focused only on their career and not their family can result in great unhappiness.

“We taught you that happiness is in freedom, and that part at least is true, but we told you that freedom was outside of the family home and oppression was inside the family home,” she explained.

“We told you indirectly that you should be ashamed of being a house wife – just a house wife – that it was a dirty word, that it would waste your potential, that it was the easy way out, and those that did do that were a disappointment and were degrading themselves,” she added. “And so when the time crunch came for you to choose your pathway when you were 17, you knew that the only formula for happiness and success was in career.”

She described the endless propaganda blitz to con young women into serving their corporate masters, rather than their families. As a direct consequence, the future of Western Civilization is in jeopardy because women have shirked natural roles as mothers and caregivers.

“We lied to you because we were lied to as well. We thought we were helping you, but now we know better and we are wrong. We need to stop scorning our brightest sisters who choose to spend time with children,” she said.

“We used to do it because we thought they were stupid, but now we do it because we are envious of them. We are jealous and we are bitter, and it is easier to scorn them than face the fact that we made the wrong choice,” she added.

Women are lamenting the dire situation that has been inflicted onto young women due to the feminist mind virus.

Unless the patriarchy is re-established, these societal problems will continue to worsen rapidly until civilization is no more.

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