3 Chinese Nationals Receive Prison Sentences for Illegally Taking Photos of Florida Navy Base

Eric Lendrum of American Greatness covered one incident of Chinese nationals being sentenced for illegally taking photos of a Navy base in Key West.

The trial of three Chinese nationals ended on June 5 according to a report from CNN.

The first of these Chinese nationals sentenced was the 27-year-old Liao Lyuyou, who received a one-year sentence in prison after pleading guilty for illegally entering the restricted area within Naval Air Station Key West in December and taking photos and videos.

Lyuyou asserted that he was attempting to take pictures of the sunrise. However, he climbed over a security fence and continued snapping photos even after receiving warnings from multiple witnesses.

In January, two other Chinese nationals, 25-year-old Jielun Zhang and 24-year-old Yuhao Wang,  after driving into the base even when security directed them to turn around and leave. Both of the students were attending the University of Michigan at the time of their arrests, and snapped photos and recorded videos with their cell phones and a Nikon camera. These two pled guilty in March. Zhang received the harshest sentence of a year prison sentence, while Wang received a sentence of 9 months in prison.

Although people recognize that China has reformed in certain respects from its Maoist past, the country remains an adversary to American interests.

The country understands the political implications of mass migration and has used agents to infiltrate countries such as the Philippines. Additionally, there is a strong Chinese presence in the U.S. by virtue of its large student population, which in any given year numbers 500,000 people. Further, Chinese nationals are projected to be one of the largest legal migration groups to America. A substantial portion of these migrants could be potential spies and 5th column agents that aim to spread Chinese influence.

The U.S. will need to consider substantially restricting Chinese migration until the Chinese government comes clean about its overall intentions. Letting them continue to use migrants as political weapons is unacceptable and undermines U.S. interests.

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