3 Texas Teachers Are Busted for Having Sex with Students

Towards the end of April, three Texas teachers were arrested and charged with sex crimes dealing with students.

Texas Scorecard reported that two of the three accused teachers were football coaches. A fourth teacher was fired for committing an alleged act of sexual misconduct but has not received any charges.

Ernest Herrera was arrested on April 22, 2024 after he confessed to initiating sexual contact with a 13-year-old student. He asserted that they had “developed a relationship.”

Herrera was a social studies teacher at Losoya Middle School in San Antonio.

He received charges for having an improper relationship between educator and student, an offense that is a second-degree felony where an individual could serve anywhere from 2 to 20 years in prison.

The district superintendent announced that Herrera was canned “effective immediately.”

Andrew McCown was arrested on April 24 and charged with having an “improper relationship” with a 17-year-old female student.

McCown is a math teacher and football coach at Roosevelt High School in San Antonio. 

He was supposedly placed on leave back in March and is expected to be terminated.

McCown is a relative of former NFL quarterbacks Josh and Luke McCown. He was arrested in 2022 for drunk driving while he was teaching and coaching at Robinson ISD.

Per a statement to MySA, the district “conducted a background check on April 25, 2023, and at that time, it was clear and McCown was hired.”

Perryton ISD athletic director Cole Underwood was arrested on April 24 and charged with sexual assault of a child, a second-degree felony.

The alleged victim is a student at Perryton High School who is reportedly a girl that is 14 years of age.

Per a statement by Perryton ISD, Underwood tendered his resignation.

On April 23, Mansfield ISD fired a Timberview High School teacher who allegedly committed acts of sexual misconduct with students. No charges have been filed, but trustees announced that they fired the unnamed teacher “out of an abundance of caution.” Mansfield ISD police have been conducting investigations about the allegations.

Schools nationwide are filled with all sorts of degeneracy at both the student and faculty levels. It’s a sign of the US’s overall institutional decline.

The only way to correct it is by laying down the hammer and extirpating such anti-social behavior wherever it pops up.

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