36% of Democrats Support Confiscating Guns From Law Abiding Patriots

New polling has revealed that almost 40% of Democrats now support national gun confiscation similar to the plans proposed by Democrats such as Beto O’Rourke.

A Zogby Analytics survey polled earlier this month reveals that 36% of Democrats support confiscating firearms from law-abiding gun owners.

Such a concept would have seemed incomprehensible even for many progressive Democrats several months ago, but long-shot Democratic campaigns for the presidency centered around gun control appear to have helped normalize it in the party. Beto O’Rourke and Eric Swalwell both campaigned openly on the notion of confiscating semiautomatic firearms from lawful gun owners.

Attempts to take Americans’ personal weapons on an arbitrary basis would likely create legal and societal chaos throughout the United States, but a sizable portion of the Democratic Party base doesn’t seem to care. Law enforcement agencies and sheriff’s departments in rural, conservative areas of the country have already come out in staunch opposition to any attempt to enforce gun confiscation.

Perhaps even more shockingly, the Zogby Analytics poll revealed that 39% of Democrats fully support decriminalizing crossing the United States’ borders without authorization. Such a policy position is tantamount to open borders, even if progressives who advocate for it are afraid to admit it.

The poll also revealed significant support for several other surprisingly left-wing policies. Democratic Presidential candidates don’t usually argue for funding healthcare programs for illegal immigrants openly, but it seems apparent that many of their voters actually support such a proposal.

443 likely Democratic primary voters were polled to compile the survey’s data, providing a sample size of significance.

36% is far from a majority, but considering such a policy proposal was all but unheard of just earlier this year, it’s more than possible that national gun confiscation will become a staple policy of the Democratic Party’s policy platform within the next few years.

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