37% of American Voters Believe the United States is Going in the Right Direction

According to a Rasmussen poll published in late December, 37% of United States voters believe the country is going in the right direction. 

57% of voters believe the country is going down the wrong path. In 2021, at around the same period, 27% indicated that the US was heading down the right path. By contrast, 64% stated that the country was on the wrong path during this timeframe.

Americans are right to believe that the country is going in the wrong direction. Since the Biden regime was installed in office, the country has seen its socio-economic conditions rapidly deteriorate. 

Mass inflation, rising crime, and a collapsed border are now the norm. President Joe Biden is largely to blame for this but there’s a much larger malady at play here — the managerial state. Both political parties have played an integral role in pushing for economic interventionism, never-ending wars, political correctness, and demographic displacement via mass migration. 

In effect, there’s a uniparty in the US that dictates public policy. Every election cycle, Americans nominally get the choice of selecting who will be their next president or representatives. While in certain cycles, Americans get to proverbially kick the bums out of office, these elections merely see the replacement of one set of corrupt politicians with a new generation of sleazy politicians. 

The result is as predictable as it gets — an unaccountable managerial state that hurts the interests of Middle America while privileging the interests of Big Business and other connected interests.

That’s how things break down in a post-national state where the interests of the core, historic population are completely ignored.

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