39 Migrants Found Warehoused Near Border in Texas

Breitbart News reported that 39 migrants were rescued from a stash house near the Rio Grande.

A tip from a citizen in Rio Bravo, Texas, led to this raid.

Bob Price of Breitbart News highlighted that “None of the people packed into the small house had personal protection equipment to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Border agents from the Laredo South Station and deputies from the Webb County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office got together on September 30 upon receiving information from a concerned citizen about a house possibly being used for human smuggling. Law enforcement immediately raided the residence and discovered 39 people being held in tight quarters with no PPE.

According to information provided by the Laredo Sector Border Patrol officials, agents did medical screenings and criminal background checks and were able to find out that the 39 illegal aliens from Mexico and Guatemala illegally entered the country through the border.

The officials revealed that two of the illegal aliens had active warrants Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. Sheriff’s deputies brought the two individuals into custody and had them stay in the Webb County jail until they would be extradited. The rest of the illegal aliens were processed in accordance to the Title 42 Coronavirus protection protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“None of the individuals were wearing any personal protective equipment (PPE),” Laredo Sector officials declared in a statement. “With a noted increase in COVID-19 infections among detainees, the smuggling and housing of large groups of individuals in stash houses and close quarters without PPE not only endangers the people being smuggled, but the safety of our Nation. Border Patrol agents of the Laredo Sector will continue to work with our local law enforcement partners to ensure the agency’s enduring mission priorities of combating transnational crime and securing the border.”

Price detailed some interesting points about the Rio Bravo area:

Rio Bravo is an area that is well known for human smuggling. The lack of a physical barrier, a shallow river crossing area, and the access to nearby houses operated by Mexican cartels for the purpose of drug and human smuggling made the small border town an ideal location for their criminal enterprise.

The U.S. thankfully now has a president who is taking immigration seriously. Previous administrations took the issue lightly and have brought the country to a tipping point.

President Trump has the right instincts on the issue. Now, he must follow through with a full-scale immigration moratorium. The very foundations of the Historic American Nation depends on it. Letting this issue go by the wayside could be a disaster in the making for America.

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