39% of French Citizens Believe Islam Will Become Their Country’s Dominant Religion

A survey carried out by Harris Interactive revealed that 39% of French people believe that Islam will become the largest religion in France in the near future.

When Muslims were polled, 55% believe that France is destined to have an Islamic majority. 44% of French Catholics share the same belief.

Unsurprisingly, 72% of French citizens believe that if Islam becomes the country’s largest religion, France would lose its national identity. Catholics were naturally the most fearful of this scenario at 83%, followed by Protestants and non-religious affiliated people at 67% each.

Chris Tomlinson of Breitbart News highlighted how the native French population is not down with the country’s changing demographics and the Islamization that has come along with it:

In 2019, a majority of French, 61 per cent, said that Islam was not compatible with French society, with the populist National Rally (RN) led by Marine Le Pen scoring highest in the poll when it came to which party was best suited to tackle the challenges of Islamisation in France.

Tomlinson continued explaining some of the growing list of concerns the French populace holds with regards to the Islamization of the country:

Earlier this year, another poll highlighted a concern among the French public on the topic of Islamo-Leftism, a phenomenon in which leftist groups and political parties refuse to take tough positions against radical Islamic extremism.

A 2020 report from the Pew Research Center highlighted that France’s Muslim population is projected to grow from 5.7 million to up to 13.2 million by 2050 should immigration rates maintain their high volume. Tomlinson observed that this “could see Muslims make up almost a fifth of the total French population.

The situation France is facing is also present in many other European countries that have bought into the siren song of multiculturalism. These feel-good policies come with serious consequences if political leaders don’t wake up and grasp the cultural, geopolitical, and social ramifications of mass migration.

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