485,000 Migrants Apprehended In 2022 in Texas Border Sectors

Border Patrol agents tasked with patrolling the five border sectors in Texas apprehended roughly 485,000 migrants who penetrated the American border from Mexico into this border sector since October 1, 2022. Bob Price of Breitbart News noted that “This represents nearly 64 percent of all migrant crossings along the southwest border with Mexico.” 

Agents tasked with patrolling the Big Bend, Del Rio, El Paso, Laredo, and Rio Grande Valley sectors apprehended 484,527 migrants who entered the United States from Mexico in the first four months of Fiscal Year 23. This represents a 21% increase from the same period in FY22 when agents encountered 400,219 migrants. 

The El Paso Sector recorded the largest rise in apprehensions, both in the apprehensions total and the percentage of increases. El Paso agents apprehended 192,329 migrants in only four months. Price noted “This is up by a massive 187 percent from the same period last year when agents apprehended only 67,048 — an increase of 125,281 migrant apprehensions.”

On top of that, the Del Rio Sector reported a sizable increase in apprehensions as CBP agents took 171,017 migrants into custody after they entered the US from Mexico in this four-month timeframe. This represents an increase from the 122,853 migrants apprehended during the same period in 2022— a 39.2% uptick.

Single adults comprised the largest demographic group  of the migrants apprehended in the Texas border sectors. Officials reported that this demographic made up 337,032 of the 484,5527 migrant apprehensions. 

Texas is bearing the brunt of the damage that mass migration is causing. It’s at the frontline of this crisis, and owing to its border state reality, Texas must take charge on the immigration issue. Because let’s face it, the feds ain’t interested in defending the border. Unfortunately, that means red border states must pick up the slack by building their own border perimeters and even constructing a parallel border patrol security infrastructure. 

Those are the harsh realities of an Open Borders Inc-dominated America.

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