4chan is Tracking Down Tommy Robinson’s Antifa Attackers

Anonymous message board 4chan is well known for conjuring up some of the darkest content on the internet. But sometimes they come together to do productive things, like troll Shia Labeauf’s anti-Trump art exhibit, and send the rapper Pitbull to the most isolated Walmart in the country in a contest run by Walmart. But today, they are doing what Police in London refuse to do, and are tracking down the masked antifa members that attacked anti-radical Islam activist Tommy Robinson.

In a post on 4chan’s Politically Incorrect board, an anonymous user posted about the attack on Tommy Robinson. Quickly, the thread turned into an investigation, analyzing the video looking for any clear facial features of the attackers, and comparing them to other antifa activists in the area.

In the thread, they started out by labeling each attacker with a number.

They then began pulling separate still images of each attacker, compiling as much information about them that they could gain from pictures.

With that information, they began comparing it with local antifa activists in the area. 4chan did the same thing following a riot in Berkeley, which led towards the arrest of antifa activist Eric Clanton, who attacked a Trump supporter with a bike lock. The below video explains those events.

It is unclear if the investigators on 4chan will figure out who the attackers were. But one thing is clear, a bunch of internet warriors on 4chan are doing much more to investigate this crime than the police in London who so far have refused to do anything.



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