5.5 Million Illegal Aliens Broke Penetrated the US Border Since the Biden Regime Was Installed in Office 

Per a report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the total number of illegal aliens who entered the United States since President Joe Biden was installed in office stood at 5.5 million. 

Dan Stein, the president of FAIR, talked about the illegal alien invader figures during an interview on NTD’s “Capitol Report” program.

Similarly, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) published the statistics in an operational update where it highlighted how the official number of illegal border crossers hovered around 4.4 million since the Biden regime was installed in power. 

Stein claims that FAIR came to the 5.5 million figure by adding roughly 1.1 million illegal border crossers who were able to avoid apprehension and enter the US without being detected to the CBP’s 4.4 million figure. 

“It’s pretty straightforward,” Stein declared. “There are typical projections that are confirmed by Census data of people who just run around—they call them ‘gotaways’—who enter without inspection, then disappear.”

“If you look at the entire period, it’s about 5.5 million since Biden took office,” Stein added.

The FAIR president blamed the Biden regime for undoing Trump-era “deterrence” polices at the border for the current uptick in illegal immigration. 

According to the CBP’s assessment, the increase in migration from Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela in September helped propel the total of illegal crossings to record levels for a given fiscal year. 

Tom Ozimek and Steve Lance of the Epoch Times noted that roughly 78,000 nations from Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela were apprehended in September as they attempted to illegally cross the border. This figure represented a 245% increase from the same month in 2021. 

America’s mass migration crisis is not going away anytime soon. As long as the ruling class is committed to open borders, anti-white policies, and multiculturalism, America’s border security will continue to be flimsy. It’s going to take a serious America First nationalist faction to restore order. 

There are simply no other political actors who are ready to make the hard call and restrict all forms of immigration. 


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