6 Year-Old Fighting Cancer Gets Sworn-In as Police Officer

A young girl was sworn in as a police officer at just 6-years-old while fighting terminal cancer.

“Abigail Arias, from Freeport, Texas, is battling terminal cancer. She has Wilms tumor, a type of kidney cancer in children that doctors say has left Abigail with a heartbreaking prognosis. At just 6 years old, she had big dreams of becoming a police officer to help fight “the bad guys” living inside her tiny body,” according to Liftable.

Freeport Police Chief Raymond Garivey Jr met Abigal in December where she told Chief Garivey that she wanted to be a police officer. The Police Chief took interest in Arias’ story and was determined to help the little girls dreams come true.

On February 7, Abigail Arias was sworn in by Chief Garivey for the Freeport Police Department. Arias sported a custom made police uniform donated by Cop Stop owner Rick Fernandez.

“I now and forever promise to keep fighting the bad guys until all my cancer’s gone,” the young officer promised.

“Her story brought police officers from all over today into one room and it was a magical moment for all who were in attendance,” said an emotional Chief Garivey.

While Abigail’s condition is slowly deteriorating her small body, Garivey has faith in her strength, “the chemo and radiation hasn’t worked and basically the family is now leaving it in God’s hands and praying for a miracle.”

Arias’ parents are enjoying their time with their young daughter after some discouraging news from doctors. “They basically said it’s time to enjoy some life,” her mother Ilene told CNN.

Abigail’s courage and strength inspired members of the Freeport Police Department in Texas to attend her swearing-in ceremony. The determination to follow her dreams, even at a young age, is a characteristic that will aid Abigail in her fight against cancer.


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