7/11 Store Manager in North Carolina Shoots Robbery Suspect

WCNC reports that a Charlotte store manager shot and wounded a robbery suspect.

However, the store manager did not leave unscathed.

Early Monday morning a robber went into a 7-Eleven store and shot the store manager at a 7-Eleven on the corner of Monroe Road and Sharon Amity Road.

In response, the store manager shot back and wounded the assailant.

The perpetrator fled the scene, but law enforcement was able to track a suspect to 5340 Monroe Road, according to WCNC reports.

Incidences like these make up the hundreds of thousands of cases of defensive gun use in America.

States like North Carolina have relatively solid gun laws which allow gun owners to carry and use their firearms in cases of self-defense.

North Carolina is currently ranked in 25th place for best states for gun owners according to Guns & Ammo magazine.



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