7 People Killed in Border Shootout With Los Zetas Cartel

A recent border shootout in the Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo conducted by Loz Zetas is adding to the growing tension south of the American border.

The Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas is cranking up attacks against Mexican authorities and civilians as of late. Not too long ago, law enforcement rescued two Pakistani migrants being held captive in a drug house.

During a recent convoy that Mexican military was conducting in Nuevo Laredo in order to fight against the Wuhan virus pandemic, the military forces in question fell prey to an attack by Los Zetas gunmen near Cavazos Lerma Boulevard

The gunmen escaped from the scene, and then proceeded to set up an ambush at the highway overpass for the soldiers. After the smoke cleared from the shootout, the military forces killed seven of the Los Zetas gunmen. Two of those taken out were the bodyguards of a cartel leader and the majority of the gunmen had military-style body armor.

According to report by Breitbart, the military claimed that some of the dead cartel members belonged to Tropa 101 and Flako 112, which was a splinter group of the CDN-Los Zetas.

This group was notorious for committing various acts of violence like armed attacks, murders, and kidnappings.

Based on their behavioral pattern, police have been led to believe that this group of gunmen were members of the Tropa del Infiern0. These men likely served under Martin El Cadete” Rodriguez Barbosa and Jesus Gerardo “El Huevo” Trevino Chavez.

Mexico’s cartel problems are no joke.

Heavily armed, Mexican cartels know that they have a fighting chance against Mexico’s increasingly dysfunctional government.

Because of this, President Donald Trump must take proactive measures on border security and seal off the country from Mexico’s political and social dysfunction.


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