7 Year-Old Supposed to be in Vegetative State for Rest of Life, Overcomes it all

A family in Indiana has experienced a modern day miracle despite all odds.

Trenton Brown was just six months old when he was diagnosed with a brain disorder, Schizencephaly, that causes problems with physical movement. The disorder, “was supposed to be in a vegetative state his entire life,” according to his mom, Kelly Brown. “The boy suffers from epilepsy and cerebral palsy. The boy also developed a tumor on his brain, which is regularly checked for signs of cancer,” Liftable reports.

Despite all the medical problems Trenton faces, he has overcome them all. He enjoys playing outside with his brother, Braxton, where they often spend time riding bikes together. His parents couldn’t be more proud of all Trenton has overcome.

If Trenton can go a month without having a seizure, his parents consider it a success. “Epileptic seizures happen so often that his parents, have called an ambulance as many as 50 times in a three-month span,” according to The Herald Bulletin. “As his mom, I’m so amazed at what he’s accomplished,” Kelly Brown stated.

Suffering from being paralyzed on the right side, Trenton had an issue finding a bike he could ride. The Herald Bulletin reported, “Angie and Shane Warner, owners of The Hope Chest in Anderson, took to eBay to find a Rifton bike. They found one, bought it and drove to Michigan to get it.”

Unfortunately, Trenton’s medical problems weren’t the only adversities the family dealt with. In 2016, the family faced a house fire and recently suffered a car wreck, making it difficult for Trenton to get to his doctors appointments. The Brown family has a GoFundMe set up to aid with medical bills and to help with getting another car.

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