70% of Criminals in California County Released with No Cash Bail are Rearrested

70% of individuals arrested in Yolo County, California, which has implemented a “zero cash bail” policy, were rearrested, per a study run by the local district attorney’s office. The Sacramento Bee would later run a story on this zero cash bail policy. 

The Sacramento Bee observed the following:

In April 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the California Judicial Council took the step of imposing a statewide emergency bail schedule, ending the requirement of cash bail for low-level offenders in a bid to reduce the spread of the virus among inmates.

The order set bail at $0 for most misdemeanor and lower-level felony charges. The emergency order was lifted in June 2020, though individual counties were permitted to make their own decisions on whether to keep $0 bail in place.

Out of 595 people [in Yolo County] who were released on $0 bail during that period [until June 2021], 420 were re-arrested, with 123 of them arrested for violent crimes, with charges ranging from murder and attempted murder to kidnapping, robbery, carjacking and domestic violence.


Joel B. Pollak of Breitbart News aptly pointed out that “progressive” prosecutors and their Democratic allies “have pushed for “zero cash bail” or bail ‘reform’, often without regard to the consequences for public safety.” Current Vice President Kamala Harris was one of those progressive prosecutors during her time as California Attorney General. While the corporate press has marketed Harris as “tough on crime”, her law enforcement was mostly concentrated on truancy, while refusing to give the death penalty to an illegal alien who murdered a father and his two sons. 

Zero cash bail and lax parole have largely facilitated recidivism in several American cities. In some extreme cases, repeat offenders end up committing even more heinous crimes. It really boils down to incentives. When jurisdictions treat criminals with kid gloves and let them off after committing serious crimes, these criminals will continue going about their criminal ways and even escalate matters altogether. 

A sane society would lock up violent criminals with long track records of anti-social activity for good. Crime is one of the critical issues of 2022 and beyond. The America First approach of law & order is the solution to America’s violent crime epidemic. Anything short of that is only guaranteeing the Banana Republicanization of the US as criminals grow more powerful and our institutions of justice fall apart.

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