72% of Americans Believe Cancel Culture has Gone off the Rails

With how dominant the radical Left has become in general culture, many Americans are becoming exhausted with the Left’s overbearing control of discourse. 

According to a recent survey by Rasmussen Reports, Americans believe that “cancel culture” has gotten out of hand, and insist that free speech be protected against censorship. 

Rasmussen Reports teamed up with The National Pulse to find out that 72% of American adults believe cancel culture — a new form of censorship designed to ruin the careers and reputations of public figures for stepping outside the boundaries of political correctness — has gone too far. 

Only 15% of Americans are in agreement, while 12% are unsure.

Similarly, 75% of Americans believe defending free speech is more important than sheltering people from speech that is deemed to be offensive. Only 16% of people disagree.  

Even with how polarized politics in America is, there appears to be a consensus on how excessive cancel culture has become. For example, 86% of Republicans, 60% of Democrats, 74% of independents believe that cancel culture has become absolutely intolerable. 

However, more Democrats (27%) than Republicans (9%) or independents (11%) believe that protecting people “offensive” speech is more important than upholding free speech.

77% of Americans say they’re familiar with the idea of cancel culture. On the other hand, only 15% aren’t familiar with the concept. 

As far as race goes, 71% of whites, 73% of blacks, and 76% of other minorities believe cancel culture has gone too far. In a similar vein, 76% of whites, 73% of blacks, and 71% of other minorities believe that defending free speech takes precedence over protecting people from speech that is perceived to be offensive. 

Overall, there appears to be a broad-based trend against cancel culture. Americans are simply not down with the idea of censoring people who think outside the box.

Hopefully, politicians take note and keep institutions like Big Tech, which largely enables cancel culture, in check.

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