73 Confederate Statues were Removed or Renamed in 2021

According to a new report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, 73 Confederate statues were removed or renamed over the course of 2021. 

This removal of American history didn’t come out of nowhere. It was largely motivated by the surge in protests and riots that followed the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020. Monument removals have been taking place over the last few decades.

However, notable events like the death of Floyd, help accelerate this trend. Due to the media-driven perception that Floyd’s death had racist implications, a new campaign against Confederate monuments kicked off.

The SPLC declared that taking down the memorials is a “first and essential step in combating the white supremacist values of the Confederacy.”

According to Axios, the death of George Floyd led to the removal, relocation, or renaming of at least 200 memorials, per the SPLC’s report, which was released on February 1.

73 Confederate statues were removed or renamed in 2021, according to a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC.)

The SPLC added that “the legacy of the Confederacy is far more enduring than any memorial ever could be.” Further, the SPLC noted in its report that  systemic racial inequality “is built into our very institutions.”

“The devastating impact of the pandemic on Black communities in the United States is one of the many ways in which the legacy of slavery and the Confederacy has manifested itself,” the SPLC continued.

According to the SPLC’s research, 723 Confederate monuments are still in the U.S. On top of that, the SPLC discovered that “there are 741 roadways, 201 schools and 22 holidays” that commemorate the Confederacy and “do important cultural work to reinforce white supremacy.”

The attacks against the Confederacy are just the beginning. Next will be other white figures in American history, specifically those prominent before the Civil Rights Revolution. For the Left, the entire goal is to erase American history and usher in a despotic multicultural era that runs afoul of all of America’s founding principles.

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