8 Colorado Counties Revolt Against Gun Control

Eight counties in Colorado are revolting against gun control coming out of Denver.

Custer, Fremont, Kiowa, Montezuma, Otero, Weld, Moffat and Rio Blanco have become “2nd Amendment sanctuaries” after a “Red Flag” gun confiscation bill was passed in the Colorado House.

Red flag gun confiscations orders are the current wave of gun control making headway in state legislatures across the nation. These bills allow judges to order the confiscation of an individual’s firearms if they’re considered a risk. An allegation from a family member, acquaintance, or estranged spouse is enough to justify a confiscation order.

The person subject to a red flag gun confiscation order would then have to prove their innocence in order to have their gun rights restored.

Weld Country Sheriff Steve Reams has firmly opposed this legislation. He believes it cross various constitutional lines. Reams said, “I have a duty for public safety but also have a duty to protect the Constitution.”

The Board of Weld County Commissioners agreed with Reams’s assessment of the situation and passed a resolution opposing red flag laws.

The resolution made clear that commissioners would not allocate money towards a storage facility for weapons confiscated by law enforcement.  The commissioners justified their action on their desire to uphold constitutional rights.

With Democrats in control of all three branches of the Colorado State legislature, the likelihood of red flag laws passing is very high.

Second Amendment resolutions like the ones taking place in Colorado are the way to go for gun owners living in monolithically anti-gun states.  This trend has already caught on in states like Maryland and New Mexico.

When gun control can’t be stopped in the state legislature, the next best option is to not comply.

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