80-Year-Old White Woman is Gruesomely Murdered Near a Church, Bail Denied for Black Male Suspect

The body of 80-year-old Mary Ann Elvington was found outside of a church in Horry County, Ga., and the suspect – an African-American male – is currently being held without bond.

Before her remains were found, Elvington had been described as missing and there was a hunt to find her:

Elvington was described as a devout follower of Jesus throughout her entire life by her friends and loved ones. 

“Mama was just a real Christian lady,” her son Harold said. “She lived at the foot of the cross and where we’re at peace is where they found her. They found her at the foot of the cross.”

“She made a great impact on a lot of young students,” said pastor Stephen Vipperman. “She was a very intelligent person. She knew her Bible inside and out.”

She was allegedly kidnapped and murdered by 29-year-old Dominique Davonah Brand. Marion County Magistrate Judge Danny O. Barker II described the actions as “one of the most heinous crimes that I have experienced” while denying him bond.

Brand had a previous criminal record and was released from prison in 2018 after committing a prolific burglary. Lax criminal justice policies put him back on the street, and Elvington may be dead as a result.

Big League Politics has reported on the black-on-white crime wave that has been enabled by the rise of the Black Lives Matter terror movement.

Two vibrant youths, 16-year-old Zayvion Perry and 14-year-old Adriel Riley Jr., allegedly doused a mentally ill man with lighter fluid and set him on fire in Rochester, N.Y. for kicks last month:

Two black teens reportedly broke into a mentally ill white man’s home in Rochester, N.Y, doused him with gasoline, and immolated the man which resulting in severe burns that ended up killing him, law enforcement has stated.

16-year-old Zayvion Perry and 14-year-old Adriel Riley Jr. are being charged with second-degree murder for allegedly setting 53-year-old Steven Amenhauser on fire. The two alleged perpetrators reportedly caused Amenhauser to suffer in agony for days in the hospital before he finally died. 70 percent of his body was charred with second-and-third degree burns.

Rochester Police Department Captain Frank Umbrino commented on the circumstances that led up to the eventual attack.

“He came back from the store and entered his apartment, and about five minutes after he entered his apartment, he came out of it on fire,” Umbrino said. “There were people who tried to help render aid and put out the fire. RPD and RFD responded and he was taken to the Burn Trauma Unit until he passed away at about four o’clock this morning.”

24-year-old thug Kimonie Devante Bryant murdered a four-year-old white child while shooting up a home last year:

While virtually every American knows the name of deceased serial felon George Floyd, dead drug ring suspect Breonna Taylor, and the crippled accused rapist Jacob Blake, very few know the name of Roman Sweeney, the innocent four-year-old child who was brutally murdered by a black thug this week.

In Struthers, Oh. on Mon., Sept. 21, Sweeney’s life was extinguished senselessly. The alleged shooter, 24-year-old Kimonie Devante Bryant, has been described as a “young, light-skinned, black male.”

The black thug reportedly went into a home on the 100 block of Perry Street in Struthers. He shot two men, one received two slugs in the head while another was blasted two times in the back. Two women were also shot by the savage in their lower extremities. The adults all have survived the attack for the time being, but Sweeney was not so lucky. He died in his mother’s arms as she cried incessantly for her poor son.

“The two males are in critical condition, but the two women are OK,” Struthers police chief Tim Roddy said about the heinous act of black-on-white terror. “The suspects left prior to our arrival. We didn’t stop processing the scene probably until about 10 a.m., and we’ve been following several leads going on 14 hours. So far no suspects have been arrested.”

25-year-old reprobate Darius N. Sessoms blew a white child’s brains out last year as the kid played on his lawn:

A black man has been charged with murdering a 5-year-old white child in cold blood and leaving his corpse in a North Carolina neighborhood.

WRAL broke the story of how the black suspect allegedly murdered a white child who lived next door to his home in Wilson, N.C. Neighbors claim the black suspect was a family friend who appeared at the child’s home before he allegedly decided to murder the 5-year-old boy, as black-on-white terror sweeps the nation.

Darius N. Sessoms, 25, reportedly ran up to the 5-year-old boy, identified as Cannon Hinnant, who was playing on a bicycle, and shot him in the head in cold blood. Hinnant was transported to the Wilson Medical Center where he was declared dead shortly afterward. Sessoms is now in custody and being charged with murder.

Law enforcement claims the reason why this black man murdered this white child is unclear, but it may have to do with the violent Black Lives Matter (BLM) uprising that is taking place across the country.”

This is BLM’s legacy. The United States of Somalia will be a dangerous place for believers in Christ if they have the wrong skin color.

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