88% of Kabul Evacuees are Refugees – Only a Small Minority Have Visas, American Citizenship

The Pentagon published information revealing that the overwhelming majority of individuals evacuated from the Kabul Airport aboard charter and military flights in recent weeks are Afghan nationals without an existing credible claim to legal residency in the United States, sharply contrasting with corporate media narratives claiming that Afghan evacuees have already been granted special visa status, or are American citizens.

88,000 of the 100,000 evacuees are legally defined as refugees. Only 7,000 currently hold special immigrant visas, awarded to Afghans who have worked with US military and civilian authorities during the twenty year operation in the country.

The merits of the mass-scale evacuation operation have been justified in the establishment media on the basis of supposed credible claims of US allegiance on the part of those being moved out. Sources on the ground have indicated that only a small minority of those seeking US residency legally qualify under existing guidelines, raising the possibility that the vast majority evacuated in the dangerous operation will have to be returned to Afghanistan.

Photos of evacuation flights have revealed that the majority of Afghans airlifted from the country are fighting-age men, precisely the demographic the American government expected to fight against the Taliban instead of weakly capitulating and fleeing their country, leaving it to its fate.

In wake of the suicide bombing targeting American service members conducting security operations at the Kabul airport, the utility of a military operation facilitating the movement of refugees with dubious immigration claims is dubious at best. In any event, the thousands of Afghan refugees should be traveling to nations such as Pakistan and Tajikstan if they face a credible threat from the Taliban, rather than America.

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