90% of “Hate Speech” Removed From Facebook Targets White People and Men

Algorithms utilized by Facebook to censor what the Big Tech monopoly defines as hate speech detect overwhelmingly greater bias and prejudice against white people and men, according to reporting on Sunday from the Washington Post.

90% of the content removed by Facebook’s algorithms targeted the demographics, showing “hate speech” against other racial groups and women to be nearly nonexistent. The figure was stated in an April 2020 internal company document.

The findings of the document came as a surprise to progressive authoritarians at the company, many of whom simply could not fathom that the all-encompassing “racism” which colored every moment of everyday life barely even existed. As a result, leftists as Facebook began a lobby campaign to permit anti-white “hate speech,” while judging so-called “hate speech” that targets other demographics to violate Facebook’s terms and conditions.

FBI crime data published in 2017 indicates that blacks and Hispanics are considerably more likely to commit hate crimes than white people, a statistic that may explain why hateful rhetoric targeting white people is more commonplace than anything else.

After the study’s findings, Facebook has adopted a policy of promoting and tolerating more anti-white comments and posts, while judging even more content to be anti-black “hate speech.”

Facebook has increasingly become a target of authoritarian progressives for declining to institute even more censorship against white and conservative users of the platform, with the establishment whistleblower touting a fake “whistleblower” directly involved in the censorship of stories regarding Hunter Biden’s corruption scandal and infamous “laptop.”

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