A Finished Border Wall Enjoys Solid Support from Hispanics

America’s white working class has become the most powerful force against Open Borders Inc.

But they’re not alone in opposing globalist schemes to flood America with foreigners. Hispanic Americans are joining the white working class in backing a border wall to stem the flow of mass migration 

Per findings in a Quinnipiac Poll, 59% of white Americans without a college degree back a plan to continue building a border wall. This lies in sharp contrast to college-educated Americans, with 55% of them opposing the border wall.

White American men are the strongest supporters of a border wall, standing around at 63%. American men of all races support a border wall at a rate of 53%.

While a majority of Hispanics are against building a border wall, roughly 40% said they’re in favor of building a wall along the southern border. As the 2020 elections showed, traditionally Hispanic Democrats who live along the southern border are receptive to immigration restriction. This is a new development that populists can tap into.

On the Republican side of the aisle, support for a border wall is robust. 91% of Republicans support a border wall.

John Binder of Breitbart News noted that swing voters “are largely split on the issue, but a plurality, 48 percent, said they support a wall along the border.”

Yet again, there’s evidence that immigration restriction is not some fringe issue in America. Populists and other dissenting figures in the Right should take this into consideration. Along with the lockdown insanity, immigration remains a polarizing issue that galvanizes voters of all stripes.

Serious populist candidates would focus most of their attention on these two issues and campaign really hard on them. This is what gets voters to the polls. Other issues generally put them to sleep. 

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