Aaron Rodgers Joined Rogan To Discuss Gov’s Role In Manipulating NFL Players Into Getting Jab

Just ahead of the 2022 NFL season, legend Aaron Rodgers joined Joe Rogan on his podcast where the two discussed the vaccine “controversy” from last year.

In case you missed this story, Rodgers became the subject of enormous controversy for refusing to get vaccinated. 

One of the biggest reasons for this refusal was due to the government’s intervention, and the league’s unwillingness to accept any sort of exemptions for the experimental jab.

On the podcast, Rodgers shared that the NFL sent a representative to each team threatening and pressuring players into getting the vaccine under the idea it would prevent individuals from getting the virus.

The two would discuss this crumbling narrative, touching on the multitude of lies that were told by “experts” to pressure players into taking the shots.

Teams, working hand in hand with the government, were offered and given incentives to meet a quota of 90% vaccinated players. 


Per Rodgers:

Day 3 of camp they sent this stooge in, and he showed the slides of “what’s your vaccination status percentage is on your team and where you compare to the rest of the league.”

And I started asking him questions about liability. “Well, I’m not a lawyer.” 

“Ok, cool. But you’re in here talking about all these different things and you don’t talk about anybody’s personal health issues, there’s zero exemptions. You took out religious exemptions, you took out PEG exemptions. You took out anybody’s ability to have an opinion of “I don’t want to do this.”

Perhaps the most shocking takeaway from the interview was just how unaccepting the league and government was of anyone refusing the jab. 

On top of that, it was clear to Rodgers that these two bodies were manipulating any many players and staff members they could into complying into something they did not want. 

All in the name of meeting some arbitrary number.

More from Rodgers:

“It’s not only going to affect your day-to-day status on the team, it’s going to affect your ability to keep a job, your ability to get a tryout if you get cut from this team. Because you want to put a percentage above 90% of your team where you guys can have some sort of special virtue…

“And then they scared teams and said if you have an outbreak caused by a non-vaccinated player you not only forfeit that game, if you had enough players out, but you also wouldn’t get paid for that week.”

Case and point: the whole dance turned out to be meaningless because unvaccinated players did not cause the issues they were accused of. 

Individuals who took the jab still got Covid. And those who did not take the vaccine did not face more injuries from the virus as a result. 

The whole push turned out to be about just one thing: money.

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