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ABC News’ Jon Karl Throws A Hissy Fit in the Oval Office



An ABC News reporter went berserk in an Oval Office press conference this afternoon asking President Donald J. Trump for a comment about late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

“Mr. President, any thoughts on John McCain?” asked Jon Karl several times at press conference about NAFTA and America’s new trade deal with Mexico.

Taking a page out of the playbook of CNN’s Jim Acosta, Karl annoyingly repeated forms of the same question 10 times. ABC proudly displayed Karl’s embarrassing theatrics on its Twitter account.

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“Why won’t you say anything about John McCain?” asked Pres. Trump ten times today to comment on Senator John McCain, who passed away this weekend at age 81. The president did not respond,” ABC’s Tweet said, with an accompanying video.

But Trump has already made public comments about the death of the turncoat Senator from Arizona. He Tweeted his condolences within an hour of McCain’s death.

“My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you!” Trump said on Saturday.

Trump and McCain shared a history of bad blood, with Trump criticizing McCain’s POW status in the Vietnam war, and McCain subsequently casting the deciding vote to keep Obamacare in place, though he railed against Obamacare publicly.

Once again, Trump refused to cave to the mainstream press which is only pretending to like McCain in order to score political points against Trump. The same people hated McCain when he ran for president in 2008.

Just another day for the enemies of the American people.

Fake News Media

New York Times Op-Ed Says “Racism” Should Be Declared a National Public Health Emergency

The author is a public health researcher at Brown University.



An op-ed published in the New York Times is calling for “racism” to be declared a national public health emergency, adding that “it would be more than just a symbolic gesture.”

Abdullah Shihipar, a public health researcher at Brown University, wrote the piece published in the Times on Sunday. Shihipar decries the “effects of structural racism” as responsible for the disproportionate effect of the COVID-19 disease on non-whites. He argues that the Department of Health and Human Services should declare racism a public health emergency because it would bring “desperately needed relief to communities of color.”

Under the Public Health Service Act, the declaration would allow H.H.S. to allocate resources and personnel to tackle the issue, much like it has for the pandemic as a whole and for the opioid crisis. For instance, it could allow workers from hard hit communities of color who lost their jobs because they had to take time off after becoming ill to use National Health Emergency Demonstration Grants to find employment,” he writes.

Shihipar acknowledges that designing policies for people of specific races could be legally dubious, but he claims that can be circumvented by “targeting communities rather than individuals.”

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He further blames housing discrimination for the “high rates of illnesses” among blacks and Hispanics (he uses the utterly cringe term “Latinx”).

Believe it or not, nearly 200 communities throughout the United States have already declared racism to be a public health crisis, according to the American Public Health Association. This includes eight states, 73 counties, and 104 cities.

“These declarations are an important first step in the movement to advance racial equity and justice and must be followed by allocation of resources and strategic action,” the APHA says.

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