‘Abortion B—ch!’: Woman Raps & Twerks Before Killing Her Baby

In latest display of baby-murdering depravity, a woman was filmed in an abortion clinic celebrating her upcoming procedure by twerking and rapping.

“And I wanna let you b*tches know that I’m about to get my abortion right now,” the woman said in the video posted to Worldstar Hip Hop. “I don’t give a f*ck. Judge who you want, b*tch. Fuck them babies, b*tch.”

After the brief display of hostility, she began celebrating by twerking on the floor and rapping a freestyle. The male cameraman dropped a fire beat to pair with the lyrics.

“Abortion, abortion, abortion right now,” she rapped. “Abortion b*tch, abortion, abortion, abortion b*tch.”

No word on whether this jam will be uploaded to Planned Parenthood’s Soundcloud.

Watch the shocking video below, but be warned the audio is EXTREMELY EXPLICIT & NSFW:

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