Abortionist Attended Med School That Doesn’t Teach Abortions

An Arkansas abortionist is angry that her choice of medical school did not teach the abortion procedure when she attended.

Stephanie Ho attended University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) in Little Rock where she hoped to fulfill her dream of providing abortions (because that’s what every little kid wants to be when they grow up). In attending this medical school of her choice, Ho states that “over four years, the most exposure we got to the topic [of abortion] was a half-hour guest lecture”, according to her letter to the Washington Post.

Ho’s Residency at UAMS in Fort Smith consisted of her finally getting to learn about the life-ending procedure. “Third-year residents could pursue an elective rotation, and I was determined to learn how to perform an abortion”, she states. Ho asked to go on rotation at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado where she could learn the abortion procedure – which she faced pushback on, “the residency director said it was not an appropriate elective for a family medicine resident” and that the program did not allow for out-of-state rotations. Determined, Ho stated that other student’s went out-of-state for rotations and was granted the access.

Distraught from the pushback she faced on learning how to end a heartbeat, Ho refused to attend graduation – she sure showed them. Upon entering the workforce and failing to find an employer that would allow abortions, Ho opened up her own practice in Arkansas – that failed. After filling in periodically for Planned Parenthood, Ho eventually joined PP full time where only medical abortions are allowed because of “medically unnecessary and insulting restrictions” are implemented.

Ho states that, “the path to becoming an abortion provider can be extraordinarily frustrating”. Infuriated that the state she lives in protects little lives, Ho would rather be a voice for women electing to end their pregnancies. “Today, I am one of four physicians regularly providing abortions in Arkansas, which is home to 1.5 million women. Who else is going to speak up for them?”

Pregnant women – who, in fact, have a voice – legally have the right to get abortions in other states. Ho would rather silence those fighting to end abortion in her state. Since Ho can only administer the abortion pill, she has decided to relay the false notion that the abortion reversal pill cannot be used, “I’m legally required to hand out pamphlets filled with falsehoods about how the mifepristone pill, which ends a pregnancy, can be ‘reversed’.”

In fact, the abortion pill reversal “show(s) that APR has a 64-68% success rate” when taken 24-72 hours after the first abortion pill is taken. Women deserve even better than the abortion pill – at the very least they deserve to know medically accurate information about the abortion pill reversal.

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